Special Offers
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Now ALL NuFountain Vitamin C Serums are all availalble as "3-for-the-price-of-2" specials.

When you buy three bottles of serum, you only pay for two.

Mix and Match Offer
We have a new way to "mix and match" to get our
"3-for-the-price-of-2" special when you want a
mix of different serums.

NOTE: Mix and Match is a simple as putting any three types of serums in your Amazon cart.
The lowest priced serum will be discounted at Checkout.

To place a mix and match order:.
1: Decide on the three serum combination that you want.
2: Place any combination of serums in your Amazon Cart..
3: At CHECKOUT the lowest price serum you will be free as a discounted amount.

NOTE: Mix and Match only applies to single bottle combinations and not 3-pack combinations.

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