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C20 Vitamin C Serum

5 Stars!
"This is a really well made product that delivers results... I felt and noticed a difference in my skin's texture pretty quickly. It seemed to give me a slightly "rosy" effect which I don't mind because I can get quite pale during the winter months. That "glow" does dissipate later on. I've done a lot of research on this type of product and have read that you could probably make something like this yourself for just a fraction of the cost. Maybe at some point I will try that. But, for now this product is reasonably priced (at least compared to most brands) and I believe it's just as good if not better than more expensive brands.

Things that i really like about this product:

1. It is made fresh to order with the date written on the bottle.
2. It's odorless, all-naturall, and colorless.
3. The customer service is excellent. I ordered the wrong bottle (this product) wanted to to order the Ferulic C+. I e-mailed NuFountain and they sent me the Ferulic C+ and told me to just keep the C20. The Ferulic is supposed to be better for acne or oily prone skin. Although NuFountain claims all their products are made for acne or oily prone skin.

The Ferulic C+ has more of a "gel-like" consistency and seems to be a little on the sticky side after it dries on your skin. The C20 is a liquid and isn't as sticky. I think I like the C20 a little bit better at this point, but I've only used the Ferulic three times. We'll see.

BTW: I'm a 41 year old male that has had acne prone skin most of my life that has to go that "extra mile" to keep it under control. Overall my skin has responded well to this product and I would recommend it (especially at this price) out of my respect for this company and it's customer service thus far."
Michael — Santa Cruz, CA

5 Stars!
I'm a serious Internet shopper and have used several Vitamin C serum products before. This is definitely the one I'm sticking with (I'm on my 3rd bottle). I use it every 2-3 days. I routinely exfoliate and tone BEFORE I use the Vit.C serum, and it absorbs immediately and nicely into the skin - no problems at all later with the skin flakiness mentioned by another user. I did have to get used to the "water-like" consistency, because other products I'd used before were thicker. But the eyedrop applicator really helps. And I follow it with a collagen cream, and don't try to make the Vit.C be my moisturizer too. The combination has made my 50-something-year-old skin much smoother and healthy feeling/looking -- I've even gotten compliments on it!! Compared to other products it's also a great value for the price. I can't take advantage of the "buy 2 get 1 free" because I don't use it fast enough to keep extra bottles fresh, but it's still much less expensive than any other 20% serum I've found. And makes it makes a noticeable difference to my skin. Can't beat that combination!
Robin — The Great Northwest

5 Stars!
Only used this a week but can see visible differences. Others are noticing... "You look so healthy and your skin is so clear." If this continues I plan to keep ordering this product. So far I am very very pleased. (I have very sensitive skin and cosmetics usually break me out; not this product).
Gwen — Winter Haven, FL

5 Stars!
"I LOVE this product.. Within a week I started to see a difference in my skin. I did a lot of shopping around before I purchased this product (C serum is expensive) NuFountain's price could not be beat...I will be ordering this product again"
Maddy — Georgia

5 Stars!
"I have never used Vitamin C Serum before and had decided to try it after reading how great it is for your skin. I love how it gently exfoliates my skin without drying it. The price is reasonable, and I like that the serum is fresh."
Laurel — USA

5 Stars!
"I have spent soooo much $$ on products to improve my 54 yr. old skin, and this one, is THE BEST! Just 6 drops in the palm of my left hand, and I apply it with a finger from my right hand to face and neck every morning. After it has a couple of minutes to dry, I apply moisturizer. Usually a vit C cream. Sometimes my skin will need exfoliating after this proceedure, before I apply my makeup. My skin showed dramatic improvement within weeks! My age spots have almost disappeared, and I've had no more pimples since I've been using this great product! I'm half-way through the bottle, and do not want to run out, so am back to purchase more. No more wasting $$ on products that promise what they can't deliver! :D!"
Jan Marie — Illinois

5 Stars!
"I have tried many vitamin C serums over the course of 10 years. This product is very high quality for a very reasonable price. I am extremely pleased with the results! I am 51 years old and I receive many compliments on my skin. I especially like that this product is made fresh with every order. I highly recommend it."
Mary — USA

5 Stars!
"Great product. I will order from this company again. I had been looking for a c serum for a while but, did not want to spend $100.00 on a product that has a short shelf life.....This price is unbeatable and the product is fresh.... "
Ronda —Westminster, MD

5 Stars!
"I'm liking this serum. The price was reasonable considering that it is a whopping 20% solution. I mix it with a light carrier oil...in this case carrot so that it is nourishing as well. I will definitly reorder this one! At the end of the day, the item that is good quality and still fairly reasonable is going to end up being a HIT!"
Yuki — North Hollywood, CA

C20+ Lightening Vitamin C Serum

5 Stars!
"I have struggled with acne my whole life, especially hormonal breakouts on my chin area. This C20 serum has only done great things for my skin. I have only been using it for a month, but I have not had one blemish, zit or breakout since using it! I also notice my skin is smoother and firmer, there is also a fresher "glow" to my skin. In conjunction with this product, I am also doing at home alternating glycolic and salicylic acid peels, a vitamin C moisturizer and an SPF30 w/ vitamin C as well. All of the products had helped, but this serum was the most recent addition and my skin has definately taken a turn for the best! I just ordered the C20+ Lightening in the 3 pack special and can't wait to see the results from that. Not to mention, the shipping really is the quickest I've ever gotten from anything online! BTW I am 37 yrs old and have fair/light skin."
Jodi —Moorhead, MN

5 Stars!
" First, it does have a bit of a sting to this the first few times you use it. But that goes away for the most part. I still get a bit right around my nose.

WARNING - dont put this through eyebrows if you have them tatooed!

Anyway, I've been using it for about three weeks now, even putting some drops on the tops of my hands (yeah, never thought about suntan lotion on them while driving... I sure do now!)

Use it morning and at night; hands too. Wait like the instructions say, then apply my light night cream.

A high school bud dropped by yesterday, and I havent seen him for about 5-6 weeks. He took one look at me and asked if I'd gotten something done.

"Nope", I replied.
"Photofacial?" "Nuhuh".
"Chemical peel?" "oh he** no, I have such delicate skin".

So he said.

,"Well, I know you're not in love or you'd have called me"... LOL
I showed him the little bottle I keep in my fridge.
He says he's getting some for himself and his lady.

Later, I took a good look at my face, and now I wish I had taken some before pix of the age, brown spots on my cheek. I do put an extra dab on those spots after I got the face and neck done.

I also think my hands look better and not so dried looking, and those spots seem to be fading as well.

I think puttng a good light cream in your eyebrows and let die before applying this would help keep it from fading them more.

All in all, I will be ordering more!

Im ordering the 3-for 2 and it'll last me a while. Even with putting it on the tops of my hands, I got almost 40+ days out of one bottle. Kept in the fridge and would have dropper suck up the fluid before I took it out; put it in my palm and closed it up. Then would get a smaller amount in the dropper and put it on the top of my left hand, put the stopper back and then rub with my hand tops together ...sound a bit complicated?

Not for the results!!

That spot I keep having to do a photofacial on is almost gone - I have a grou**n for one and will use it to really get to the spot, but wont need to use it on my chest - looks amazing and the wrinkling there has been reduced a LOT. I'll get them to zap the rest of the sun spots on my hands and then keep on applying this amazing stuff on the face and the hands.

HINT - I use a nice soaking organic facial lotion after I've left this dry on my face n hand tops in the morning. Then after that dries, I put on my sunscreen. It helps the sunscreen to stay "on the top" of your skin and lessens the possible bad s/screen ingredients from seeping into your pores.

Oh yeah, pores. What pores????

Seriously, they are almost gone, and I was getting some enlarged ones.

Start with the 10% if you think you're too sensitive to the 20%. Then see about this formula. Even if you just use the 20% on your hands - the stuff is AMAZING.

{Oops, sorry - I keep using the "A-word", but in this case, it really fits!}"
D. Alexander — Republic of Texas

5 Stars!
"Love this product! I've ordered previously, and just got the C with lightening and within a week, I can see improvement from sun spots. Love it!"
Barbara — Greenbrier, TN

5 Stars!
"I began using the C20+ Lightening Vitamin C Serum almost a month ago and it has already proven to be a great skin care product. My skin has cleared up, the redness in my skin has lessened, and sun spots have begun to fade. I am absolutely amazed at how much better my skin looks. This is a skin care product that actually works. A rarity, indeed! Also, application is very easy. The serum is like water so 5-6 drops is all that is needed to cover the entire face. I will definitely buy again."
Rina — USA

5 Stars!
"These guys are great by selling great products. Where else can you find Vitamin C with (Alpha Arbutin and B3) cheaper than any company? This stuff is the real deal. Lightens my sun spots and reduced my previous acne scars and made them smoother and less noticable. Will buy my 3rd order soon. Fast shipping too!"
Michael — San Diego, CA

5 Stars!
"Excellent product, I previously used hydroquinone but started looking for alternatives after reading about side effects. After leaving HQ, my skin returned to it's original spotty state. I found Arbutin and NuFountain and have seen dramatic improvement in my skin texture, color, and appearance."
Joeseph — Laveen, AZ

5 Stars!
"I have been using it twice a day (morning and evening) and noticed a difference after three weeks. The sun spots/age spots on my face have faded. I am ordering the "3-for-price-of-2" since I am pleased with the results. Also, I like the speedy delivery."
Bumby — Laguna Hills, CA

C20+ Ferulic Vitamin C Gel

5 Stars!
"I use Retin A at night which helps with wrinkles and exfoliation but my skin tone was still blotchy and not pretty at all. I've always wanted pretty, glowy skin so that I could go without foundation if I wanted to. Well, this has done that for me. I noticed a difference within 3-4 days and I'm so happy! I have been using it for about 2-3 weeks now and I could not be more amazed. It is erasing my sun damage, my skin tone is so even, even around my eyes where it is normally dark and red. My skin hasn't look this good since I was 5! I'm now almost 35 and I did a lot of tanning and I'm fair so I did some real damage. I put this on in the morning after cleansing and my skin just glows. I apply a moisturizer with spf 30 a little while after and I have the option to wear foundation or not which is a miracle in itself! I look like someone with really great, pretty, glowy skin which I have never had and I thank you NuFountain so much for making this product. I will forever purchase this!"
Hamchop — Amazon Certified Buyer Product Review

5 Stars!
"After 35 years of buying nearly every available product out in the market, I must say that this one is by far the best! For a majority of my adult life, I struggled with acne and hated my skin. I finally gave in and did a 6 month treatment of Accutane which got rid of all my acne but left me with scars. I decided to use Obagi's 20% C-serum. It worked but made my skin so oily not to mention the nearly $100 price tag! Then I found NuFountain's C20+Ferulic serum.

It has been a month of usage and I can't even begin to describe what this serum has done for my acne scars and overall texture of my face. It's amazing! It's so light and the effects are almost immediate.

If you're looking for a C-serum, this is the only one you'll ever need. The price point is unbelievable and what it'll do for your face will amaze you!"
L Lutap — Amazon Certified Buyer Product Review

5 Stars!
" I first learned about this product from Dr. Oz. I selected this one because it is fresh, and the pump dispenser and dark glass bottle keep it that way. After only a month, I can definitely see and feel a difference in my skin. Will be re-ordering."
A. Pantanow — St. Petersburg, FL

5 Stars!
"Great product. I've tried high price brand names before, but this one is as good, if not better, as the other well known names. It also does not dry my skin and works beautifully. They also have wonderful customer service. I am very happy with the products and the company."
Kaoru — San Francisco, CA

5 Stars!
"My first impressions from this seller are excellent. I ordered the C20+ Ferulic gel. It arrived fast and packaged in a way that somehow made it look like a gift. The bottle was indeed properly sealed, as stated by the company (I somehow only expected it to be,well,properly closed!). The product itself goes on very nicely."
Anastasios — London, England

5 Stars!
"I like this Vitamin C Serum! Had tried another brand, but results are more noticeable with the NuFountain. Will definitely order again. "

C10 Vitamin C Serum

5 Stars!
As a person well informed in skincare I have always wanted to try vitamin C, but was frightened by high price tags and horror stories. I decided to take the plunge thanks to loads of glowing reviews for this company and their products. This product is a miracle in a bottle! My skin is just glowing and radiant. I feel protected and there have been no reactions with any of my products or on my skin. My skin is also taking a beating from rx retinoids so it is extremely sensitive and this gem fits right into my regime. I will order again and again.
Nicole — USA

5 Stars!
I wish I had looked up Vitamin C serum years ago! This product (although I've only used 1 week) so far is doing wonders! I've been waking up to clearer more even toned skin every day this week! I have very very sensitive skin and this has not caused any problems. The item was shipped fast and arrived in perfect condition. I will definitely reorder and may move up to the higher concentration if my skin will handle it! :) Also for the price this product is amazing and contains minimal ingredients which my sensitive skin loves!"
Jill — Brainbridge Island, WA

5 Stars!
"My face no longer feels oily; usually by the end of the day my makeup has somewhat rubbed off or you can see the oiliness on my face, but since using this my face is no longer oily and my makeup actually stays put! I also have problems with acne and the brown marks that it leaves, so I am hoping that this will help prevent that from happening, but so far so good, I haven't had any acne breakouts yet!"

CelSignal Support Vitamin C + B5 Hydrating Antioxidant Serum

5 Stars!
"Bought this based on reviews and price am now on my 3rd bottle. Each bottle lasts about 1 month (I use it twice a day). My skin is now fabulous. I have had so many compliments recently. It has shrunk my pores and cleaned out my blackheads. I use it after washing my face in the morning and before sunscreen.... Skin is smooth and fresh looking "
Lisa — Hendersonville, TN

5 Stars!
"The serum is amazing. Thank you."
Qian — Key Largo, FL

5 Stars!
"I love this serum. It gives my skin a glow and makes it feel very soft. I will order this product again.... "

Shipping and Customer Service

5 Stars!
"Excellent!! Fast delivery... Product made fresh with date on, Hiqhly recommend this seller :-) "
Susan — Etampes, France

5 Stars!
"Very fast. I swear I just placed the order."
Pamela — Forest Hills, NY

5 Stars!
" Each time I asked the seller a question, they answered in minutes! The item was packaged very nicely with detailed instructions. I couldn't be happier!"
Faith — Alvin, TX

5 Stars!
"Great product, prompt shipping, packaging was excellent, and literature and samples included were awesome as well. Will purchase from again, absolutely recommend."
Emily — Scott Depot, WV

5 Stars!
"Wow! I'm absolutely amazed at how quickly my package arrived. On top of that, the instructions and care for my item were clear. I will definitely buy again."
Rena — Fontana, CA

5 Stars!
"Extremely fast for shipping. Ordered a couple days before X-mas. Recieved following SATURDAY after X-mas. 2-3 days max! Products recieved as described. Xlnt!"
Michael — San Diego, CA

5 Stars!
"Very prompt, Professionally packed and shipped, Thank you for professional service!"
Sandra —Naples, FL

All comments above are from certified purchasers of NuFountain products on Amazon.com.