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Microfiber Exfoliating Cloth for Face & Body

Chemical-free exfoliation system
High-tech, 9” x 9” patented microfiber cloth fibers
100 times finer than human hair
Removes dirt, excess oils, dead skin, and makeup without harming your skin

Helps clean skin without chemicals.

Available in 9" x 9" size with reusable storage bag,

Instructions for Use:
Moisten cloth with warm water, add soap or cleanser, and wash gently. Excellent exfoliation is achieved with less than
10 strokes. It is important to be gentle until you become familiar with the degree of exfoliation best for your skin.

When done, rinse face and/or body and towel dry.

Wash cloth with water and allow to air dry.

Depending on size of area exfoliated, each cloth can be used
up to 60 times.

Cloth may also be used with water alone — although this method requires extra gentle pressure and fewer strokes.

If using the cleanser-free method, cloth should be washed after each use to remove bacteria and debris from fibers.

Price for one 9" x 9" Cloth: $8.99

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