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C20 Made Fresh When Ordered 20% Vitamin C Serum


Made in USA

1.0 Fluid Ounce, made fresh when ordered and delivered in a light-blocking. sealed bottle with glass dropper for measured dispensing. Used up to twice daily (depending on individual tolerance) L-ascorbic acid serum will help to firm, smooth, protect and repair skin. L-ascorbic acid is proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fade age and sun spots, build collagen and keep new skin cells healthy in as little as eight weeks.

Nufountain is first and only vitamin c serum on the market made fresh when ordered and then shipped directly to the customer. NuFountain's exclusive "made fresh" method ensures that your serum is always delivered fresh, free from skin-damaging oxidation that can occur when Vitamin C serum is made and stored far in advance. NuFountain is the only company delivering made-fresh-when-ordered Vitamin C serum and we monitor the pH of your serums on a regular basis.

20% L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Serum for face, neck and anywhere you want younger-looking skin. At maximum, 20% L-ascorbic acid is clinically proven to reach optimum percutaneous saturation levels within the dermis after approximately 3 days of use and can retain effective dermal antioxidant protection for up to 4 days, making L-ascorbic acid, in proper formulation, a vital part of obtaining and sustaining resilient collagen levels, helping to repair prior damage, as well as helping to ward off future free-radical damage from pollution, sun exposure and other harmful environmental factors.

Following our included instructions, the serum will remain effective for the normal period of application, being a daily and up to twice daily application rate of 5-6 drops per area. Multiple bottles will retain effectiveness for a longer period of time (up to 3 months) when stored in a dark, cool (60 degrees is ideal) location. A dark, cool cabinet, wine cooler or your refridgerator are good examples. Kept from light, heat and air the serum will remain highly effective. High-potency formula, using highest-quality ingredients in a water base so it is oil-free and perfect for ALL SKIN TYPES -- Applied first, can be used under sun block and makeup and allows for easy application of other skin care products.

Made in our FDA registered facility under strict, rigorous standards, with a high attention to detail. All NuFountain serum formulas and ingredients are registered with the FDA and can be found in the FDA Cosmetic Database. When considering a vitamin C serum, beware of product claims that they are "inspected by" or "approved by" the FDA. The FDA states: "Registration of a cosmetic establishment, assignment of an establishment registration number, filing a cosmetic product, or assignment of a CPIS number does not mean that FDA has approved the firm or its products (21 CFR 710.8 and 720.9) or that a product is a cosmetic as defined in the FD&C Act. Any representation in labeling or advertising that creates an impression of official approval because of registration or possession of a registration number is considered misleading (21 CFR 710.8 and 720.9). Misleading labeling makes a cosmetic misbranded (FD&C Act, 602(a)), and marketing a misbranded cosmetic is against the law (FD&C Act, 301(a)."

For external use only. Do not apply to mucous membranes or eyes. Avoid contact with clothing. Close cap tightly and store in a cool, dark place.

Purified Water, 20% L-Ascorbic Acid, Magnesium Sulfate, Glycerin. pH of 2.5.

Cleanse skin. Apply sparingly (begin with 5-6 drops) to skin. Let dry. Use before sunscreen or makeup. A mild, warm tingling sensation may be felt after application. Discontinue use if skin irritation results or if you develop an allergic reaction. Do not use if serum turns dark amber.

1 FREE bottle for every 2 bottles purchased -- To get free third bottle, simply enter quantity of "3' in the order quantity box -- 3rd bottle will be deducted when you checkout. You may "mix and match" any serum offering the 3-for-2 pricing.

Price for one 1-ounce bottle: $16.99

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